Scientific and technical cooperation



Rosgeo conducts a wide range of research and development, targeted, pilot and production surveys to ensure methodological support to geological exploration and rehabilitation of mineral resources base and creation and implementation of new equipment.

Rosgeo companies carry out active applied studies and develop new methodologies and tools in different areas of exploration.

Research institutes and companies of Rosgeo run publishing activities and publish research journals. The most significant journals are those of VNIGRI, SNIIGGiMS and KamNIIKIGS.

The research and production companies of the Holding are the key sources of technological innovations from engineering to production of specific equipment.

- Joint research and development in order to obtain a modern intellectual product and its use in the production of competitive products;

- Training of qualified personnel of various specialties, including highly qualified specialists for the economic development of partner countries;

- Audit and feasibility study for the development of raw material base;

- Programming of the productive forces for the production of modern and competitive products, including development of functional structures of the economies of the partner accommodation structures of new facilities of the productive forces, setting targets for prospecting and exploration of mineral resources.