ROSGEO at a glance

Rosgeo is a state holding company, tracing its history back to 1882 to its predecessor, Russian Geological Committee, established to ensure comprehensive geological exploration and the renewal of the Russian Federation mineral resources base.

Rosgeo key business areas are concentrated in five competence centers:

  • Field and borehole geophysics
  • Drilling
  • Marine geophysics and engineering surveys
  • R&D and manufacturing
  • Geological surveying, exploration for minerals, monitoring

Rosgeo Overseas AG is a company operating on behalf of the Russian State Geological Holding Rosgeo abroad to make control over international projects and relations of the Holding. It is authorized to promote and support wide range of services related to the industry-specific tasks of the geological and subsoil use sector.

The Holding enterprises possess high-class equipment, experienced specialists and experts, well-established relations with local contractors and geological databases that make the Holding a unique geological entity able to cover the whole scope of work from surveying, exploration and monitoring through geophysics, drilling and marine operations to research and development.

Rosgeo Overseas AG, being a link between foreign customers and Holding entities, relies upon innovative approaches, benchmark quality of work executed and high standards of sustainable development. It has substantial experience in overseas projects involving exploration and assessment of new oil and gas fields and mineral deposits in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Rosgeo Overseas AG activities


  • attracting investments and innovative technologies to support Rosgeo activities;
  • promoting Rosgeo brand on foreign markets taking into account its unique and rich experience in the area of geology and subsoil use;.


  • promoting Rosgeo interests in international political, industrial and business communities;
  • alignment of activities with foreign natural (mineral) resources regulators;
  • co-operation with geological and mining companies, including establishing joint ventures;
  • bilateral co-operation with equipment manufacturers;
  • co-operation with international intergovernmental organizations, industrial and business associations;
  • attracting foreign investments to support Rosgeo projects;
  • exchanging experience, innovations and new technologies in geology and subsoil use;
  • promoting Rosgeo research and development expertise on foreign markets;
  • organizing Rosgeo participation in international industrial exhibitions, forums and shows.