Geological surveys and regional studies



- Geological survey, geological additional exploration area, depth mapping of different scales and preparation of geological maps using geological, geophysical and geochemical methods of research and the use of aerospace information;

- Specialized geological mapping on the basis of satellite imagery and all available information to geological operational and economical evaluation of the prospects of the territory on a wide range of minerals, as well as for the prediction of specific ore minerals (gold, copper, mercury, tin, and other base metals.) or in oil and gas;

- Precision integrated airborne geophysical studies for solving geomapping, regional and local forecast ore minerals (gold, uranium, rare, non-ferrous metals, and others.), Local forecast kimberlitic bodies, forecast oil and gas structures;

- Regional geophysical surveys of oil and gas and ore districts with the help of modern methods of land seismic, electromagnetic, gravitational, magnetic and hardware systems to isolate the area looking for the detection of minerals and staging specific search operations;

- Multi-purpose geochemical and ecological geochemical mapping solutions for geological, forecast-metallogenic, environmental and agrochemical problems with the original automated systems of data processing.