Overseas onshore operations


Seismic projects on continental shelf


Major overseas projects on mineral exploration


  • Afghanistan: Geological survey and mineral exploration
  • Algeria: Discovery of mercury deposits Fendek, Ismail, Mra-Sma and others
  • Angola: Geological surveying, publication of the mineral resources map
  • Ethiopia: Exploration of Lega Dembi gold deposit, Kenticha rare metals deposits, Kelub natural gas liquid deposit
  • Guinea: Prospecting deposits of diamonds and bauxites building country’s mineral resource base
  • Iran: Discovery and exploration of Kerman coal deposit
  • Mali: Kalana hardrock gold deposit
  • Mongolia: Discovery and exploration of copper, coal, fluorspar, gold and uranium deposits
  • Morocco: Discovery of cobalt deposit reserves in the Bu Azzer region
  • Mozambique: Prospecting deposits of rare metals, coal, precious stones; exploration of gas deposits
  • Sudan: Geological mapping, regional gravimetric, magnetic aeromagnetic surveys
  • Yemen: Geological exploration of Shabwa province
  • Zimbabwe: Discovery and exploration of alluvial gold deposits